Want to read a story on the Magical Journey of Legacy Applications into Agile Innovations?

Once upon a time, in the land of technology, there were old, slow elephants 🐘 called legacy applications. The elephants lived in a forest 🌳, so dense they couldn’t find their way out anymore.

Have you ever heard about transforming the elephants into agile, new creatures that run faster and smoother so they can easily go in and out the forest? Well, today we’re going to tell you a fun story about how we can do just that!

Crafting the Spell: Mapping the Path to Transformation


🗺️ 🌳 Imagine having a mystical map, which is a low code process automation tool (like Camunda, Flowable,..) that guides us through the enchanted forest. This map empowers us to navigate the intricate paths of the forest, focusing on transforming one section at a time, ultimately revitalizing the entire ecosystem. By fragmenting the process into manageable tasks, we can seamlessly cast a potent enchantment of modernization over the landscape.

💡 By leveraging process automation tools, organizations can embark on a transformative journey, modernizing their legacy applications with precision, agility, and strategic vision.


Enter the Charm of 3 companions: API keys, Robotic Assistants, and Microservice Magicians! 🗝️🤖 🪄

1️⃣ 🗝️APIs – Enchanted keys:

Similar to the strength and resilience of elephants, servers stand out as mighty machines capable of storing and processing vast amounts of data. Keys symbolize APIs, acting as connectors that link various segments within the forest. In the depths of the forest, when we are disoriented and searching for direction, a mystical key has the power to unlock a passage leading to a realm of newfound riches. Here, we unearth valuable data that empowers us to progress on our expedition, transforming the forest into a connected and comprehensible environment, facilitating seamless navigation through its intricate pathways.


2️⃣ 🤖 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Diligent Assistants:

As we journey through the dense forest, retracing paths that were once laid down, our team faces a myriad of tasks. Comprising skilled manual workers, our team excels at executing tasks manually. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) functions as our fleet of diligent robot helpers, adept at performing tasks with precision and speed, much like humans but without errors and delays. With these robotic assistants by our side in the forest, we can shift our focus to larger challenges like the elephants, while they diligently tidy up the surroundings, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in every task they undertake.


3️⃣ 🪄 Microservices – Skilled Magicians:

Imagine a colossal elephant forging its way through the dense forest, symbolizing the struggles of managing and expanding a monolithic application. Now, picture a team of little wizards, each harnessing their distinct skills and powers, collaborating harmoniously to assist the elephant in navigating challenges with agility and efficiency. These little wizards serve as a representation of microservices in the automated process landscape. They are small, autonomous, easily manageable, and specialized entities that synergize to execute precise functions within the system.


Embracing the Magic: Turning Legacy into Legend


🌿 By harnessing the magic of low-code process automation and its mystical companions, we can breathe new life into aging legacy applications and give the elephants a new life of joy, youth and flexibility.

With process automation tools:

🗺️ We map out the entire jungle, improving pathways as we move on

🔐 APIs assist us to connect with hidden neighboring sections that hide valuable resources

⚙️ Our RPA team takes care of routine tasks to help us focus on our journey of innovation

🌱 We use microservices to innovate the forest and make our elephants become more agile


💫 What about your journey? 💫


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